Recorded Webinars

You’re a Team Captain, Now What?

Webinar recorded August 30, 2022

Team Captains are vital to the success of a CROP Hunger Walk. You are the go-to person for your team to help promote the walk, recruit walkers, and motivate walkers to raise funds. You are a great liaison and cheerleader for the Walk, and vital in raising money to end hunger. Thank you for serving as a Team Captain. Join us for this CROP Chat to learn more about your role and hear from a fellow Team Captain about their best practices.

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Strong Planning Teams = Strong Walks

Webinar recorded August 25, 2022

When CWS asked our volunteers the secret to their Walk success, the indicator that was most influential was a strong planning team. Join us for this CROP Chat to learn ways to strengthen your planning team. Our presenters will be a few leaders from across the country who serve in various planning team positions including, Team Captain Recruiter, Business Sponsorship, Promotions, and a Local Agency Representative. Learn more about their roles and why these positions strengthen your planning team and ultimately your CROP Hunger Walk.

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CROP Around the World

Webinar recorded January 19, 2022

During a year of uncertainty and rising challenges, your support was a toolbox that families around the world used to tackle hunger, protect their health, and earn higher incomes. During this CROP Chat, CWS team members Laura Curkendall and Monica Arango will share stories and statistics about the impact you made in 2021. Laura is from our organization-wide communications team, and Monica is the communications point person with our Latin America and the Caribbean team.

Stories of Change featured in this CROP Chat:
• Esmerelda in Honduras:
• Maribel in Nicaragua:
• Tamar in Georgia:
• Oy and Kong in Cambodia:
• Ngengechwo Primary School in Kenya:
• Dominggus in Indonesia:

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Treasurer CROP Chat

Webinar recorded August 17, 2021

Join this 20 minute chat to hear an overview of the treasurer role and learn updates regarding the online donation report and treasurer volunteer portal. This CROP Chat is designed to help Walk treasurer’s feel equipped to do their job and understand how to track online donations with the new CROP Hunger Walk website.

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CROP Chat: The Ins and Outs of Instagram

Webinar recorded May 26, 2021

Join CWS Fundraising Coach, Andrew Gifford, as he gives an “Instagram 101” course on the absolute basics of using Instagram to promote your walk- and having fun while you do it! This time includes some examples of walks successfully utilizing this great platform already!

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Practical tips for making the most of your CROP Hunger Walk

Webinar recorded April 21, 2021

Want to have an even greater impact on the world? Listen to the conversation with David Miller, one of the country’s top fundraisers and volunteer with the Charlotte, NC CROP Hunger Walk. David and CWS Fundraising Coach, Kevin McCoy, share their best practices and concrete tips for how to inspire more generosity and raise more funds to provide permanent solutions to hunger and poverty.

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Touring the NEW “crophungerwalk org” site

Webinar recorded January 21, 2021

Online Fundraising 101 – learn the basics of finding your walk, registering yourself (and your team), how to update your personal fundraising page and link your page to Facebook. You will also see how to access easy-to-understand tutorials to learn the tricks and tips for the new system.

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CROP Chat: New Social Media Engagement Ideas from Leaders Under 50

Webinar recorded September 2, 2020

Looking for tips to engage with younger walkers and Walk leaders? This CROP Chat has members of the Leaders Under 50 Advisory Team share strategy ideas for helping your Walk attract younger walkers. These ideas include ways to invite young people to take over your Walk social media accounts and use short videos to create energy, momentum and excitement for your Walk.

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CROP Chat: Treasurer Best Practices

Webinar recorded August 27, 2020

This CROP Chat shares best practices for donation, processing funds, analyzing income, and conveying final results. Learn ways and other tips from other Walk treasurers. The CROP Chat is best utilized by both treasurers and coordinators as we review our best practices for a treasurer including tips for collecting funds while walking virtually.

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CWS Town Hall - Virtual Walk Planning for Fall

Webinar recorded August 8, 2020

Because CWS has strongly encouraged you to plan a modification strategy for your CROP Hunger Walk, listen to this conversation discussing modifications strategies.

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Using the NEW Themed Resources: Raising Animals; Growing Communities

Webinar recorded February 20, 2020

For the next two year’s we will be featuring themed resources for you to use for the promotion and enhancement of your local CROP Hunger Walk! Join us on this webinar which will cover what resources are available to you, where you can find these resources, and some tips and tricks on how you can use these resources effectively no matter the size of your walk!

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Raising Animals; Growing Communities | Programs in Dominican Republic

Webinar recorded February 13, 2020

Your CROP Hunger Walk saves families around the world from the heartbreak and pain that comes with hunger. It’s a big responsibility - and it can be hard to grasp what that means. That’s why we’re highlighting how your steps are making a difference in the Dominican Republic specifically. Join our Latin America and Caribbean Regional Director, Martin Coria, as he talks about this year’s theme - “Raising Animals; Growing Communities” - you’ll learn how every step you take directly impacts the communities you support in the Dominican Republic.

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Goal Setting for your Walk

Webinar recorded February 5, 2020

What difference is your CROP Hunger Walk trying to make in your community in the next chapter of your lifecycle? Goals help us reach where we want to go if they are realistic and achievable. Join Rev. Derrek Belase, the Director of Connectional Ministry for Oklahoma UMC as he guides participants through a goal process that will help you and your walk think through a few goals that will help your Walk continue to succeed in the next year. Learn from other Walks that have successfully used goal setting to help their walks grow.

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Best Practices for a Successful Facebook Presence

Webinar recorded January 29, 2020

Join CROP Hunger Walk leader, Dr. Daniel Hall in a tutorial for setting up a Facebook page for your CROP Hunger Walk, as well as best practices and tips for managing the page once it’s setup. We will also offer advice for those who may not be ready to take the plunge into a page specifically for your local Walk but want to find more engagement on social media with their Walk.

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Raising $1000 for your CROP Hunger Walk

Webinar recorded September 5, 2019

Join walk leaders that have successfully raised $1000+ for their CROP Hunger Walk as they share how they did it and strategies that worked best for achieving this goal. Gain insights on best ways to be a $1000+ fundraiser and tips to encourage other walkers to achieve this milestone too.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Walking Because They Walk

Webinar recorded August 22, 2019

This webinar celebrates 50 years of walking. Learn about CROP Hunger Walk history, how walks are celebrating the 50th anniversary this year, and some special resources created for this milestone year to help your walk join in the celebration.

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Team Captain Best Practices

Webinar recorded March 5, 2019

Are you looking for ideas on how other team captains support their team? Three Walk leaders shared their insights into best ways to serve and motivate team captains.

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How to Approach Civic Groups to Join Your Walk!

Webinar recorded August 21, 2018

Adam Smedberg, CWS Church and Community Engagement Specialist, shares his experience with working with Civic Groups and how they can help support your walk. The groups discussed include Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary.

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Recruitment Basics: Your CROP Hunger Walk Planning Team + 1

Webinar recorded August 16, 2018

Need fresh ideas and new energy on your CROP Hunger Walk Planning Team? This webinar explores strategies for bringing on new team members and re-energizing your team and walk.

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Using the NEW Themed Resources: Timor Zero Hunger

Webinar recorded August 9, 2018

Description: This year’s theme’s program focus is the CWS Timor Zero Hunger Program in West Timor, Indonesia. View this webinar which will cover what resources are available to you, where you can find these resources, and some tips and tricks on how you can use these resources effectively no matter the size of your walk!

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Veggies, Eggs, and a Side of HOPE

Webinar recorded August 2, 2018

CWS Country Representative for Indonesia, Michael Koeniger, talks about our work on the Timor Zero Hunger Project in Indonesia and Timor-Leste, including a specific program focus of vegetables and eggs- a one-two punch to end hunger. You will learn the impact your Walks are having in the region through this program strategy.

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CLERGY & CROP: Our Social Justice Voice

Webinar recorded March 3, 2018

Clergy are a key factor in the success of CROP Hunger Walks. Learn some words of advice from a veteran leader from the field, Rev. William B. Doster. He will be sharing some of his most valuable lessons learned, by combining his over 30years of CROP leadership and clergy coaching services, about engaging clergy members and why is so important to have their Social Justice Voice in this effort.

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Take a Walk with Your Family

Webinar recorded February 27, 2018

Join us as we talk about and share ideas of how to make your Walk family friendly. Learn ways to include activities for younger people.

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Local Agencies: How to Build Partnership

Webinar recorded February 13, 2018

Your local agency is a valuable resource for your walk. Learn tips to equip them in support of the walk, learn from them and build a strong partnership. Remember – the success of the walk = more income for them. They are invested too!

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New Walk Day Procedure!

Webinar recorded January 23, 2018

Do you struggle with how to determine the exact number of your walkers? Are you looking for ways to retain your walkers from year to year? Is your local municipality getting stricter about requirements and liability coverage? Do you want your participants to have a stronger connection to the mission and their impact? If any of these relate to you, don’t miss this webinar. We will go over the new procedures for gathering contact information for CROP Hunger Walk participants on walk day – hear from another walk volunteer who implemented a new registration process with great success and learn how CWS can help you grow your walk!

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State of CROP

Webinar recorded August 15, 2017

(click here to download PDF)
The CROP Hunger Walk is a movement to raise funds to address one of the greatest injustices facing our world: hunger. For nearly half a century, these community wide events have celebrated the enduring commitment of fundraisers and volunteers to build a legacy of ending hunger in the United States and around the globe. Come hear the ‘State of CROP’ update from our Acting Director, Robert Warwick. He will be sharing how the generous gifts from walkers, donors, businesses and individuals are used around the CROP network as well as offering updates for the work within CWS and other general information.

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Using Your Themed Resources: Vietnam

Webinar recorded August 8, 2017

With a focus on our Vietnam programs, please join this webinar to learn about some specially created resources and videos that you can use to communicate to your community information about our programs in Vietnam and how focusing on this work can enhance your fundraising efforts.

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Programs in Vietnam

Webinar recorded August 3, 2017

Join Leslie Wilson, CWS Asia Regional Coordinator, as she shares information about the current CWS programs in Vietnam including our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) promotion, education support and basic healthcare support. In Vietnam today, CWS together with partners – works towards lasting improvements in people’s lives. We do this through awareness raising, promotion of people’s dignity and rights while respecting their cultures and tradition, and with knowledge and capacity-building and material assistance.

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We are only responsible for the Ask, not the Answer

Webinar recorded July 26, 2017

This webinar provides tips and best practices for how to raise funds for the CROP Hunger Walk. This webinar is good for both walk committee members and team captains.

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Revitalizing CROP Planning Teams

Webinar recorded February 28, 2017

Let’s talk about ways to ramp up the energy! National Community Event Strategist, Mary Catherine Hinds, will lead a discussion and sharing of new ideas for expanding and diversifying both the membership of your planning team and the structures by which you plan your walk.

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And the world will know!

Webinar recorded February 27, 2017

Creating a buzz and spreading the word about the CROP Hunger Walk in your community.

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Telling the CWS Story

Webinar recorded February 9, 2017

We want you to feel equipped and confident to share with others about CWS and our programs. Hear from Associate Director of Communications Laura Curkendall and Graphic Design/Print Production Specialist Lisa Hayes as they present about best ways to tell a story, how to find information about CWS programs and the best ways to take and utilize photography with storytelling.

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Show Me the Money

Webinar recorded February 6, 2017

Your walks funds mean so much; they represent sacrifice, they represent change, and they represent movement! This webinar seeks to honor those representations by sharing best practices for donation, processing funds, analyzing income, and conveying final results. The webinar is best utilized by both treasurers and coordinators as we review the ways the two roles can intersect to strengthen stewardship of your walk and its funds.

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Online Fundraising Best Practices

Webinar recorded August 31, 2016

Using the tools of online fundraising and social media can continue to grow your walk – both in terms of outreach and dollars! Learn how utilizing the tools of online registration, fundraising, and social media can increase the exposure of your walk in the community, increase the dollars you raise, and increase your impact in the world.

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Post Walk Stretching

Webinar recorded August 25, 2016

You know the routine—you spend countless hours immersed in walk-planning mode, full steam-ahead…and then the walk comes, and then *poof* ….it goes. And then what? This session, designed for walk coordinators and team captains alike, focuses on this crucial “then what” by providing best practices on post-walk communication, resources and strategies!

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New Resources, New Words, New Envelope

Webinar recorded May 20, 2016

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Recruiter Rally Best Practices

Webinar recorded March 11, 2016

Gathering the walk team captains in an inspiring meeting that allows them to pick up their walk materials and discuss ideas for walk promotion and fundraising is always a challenge. We’ll discuss some “best practices” around the traditional recruiter rally as well as some variations such as the “Lunch ‘n Learn” and “Drop-In Reception” which are being used by some walks with wonderful success.

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CROP Hunger Walk “On Fleek” – Tips for Recruiting Generation Z

Webinar recorded March 9, 2016

How do we reach the younger generation? How do we find people to take over when we get too old? Are we relevant at all?! Are these questions you and your CROP Hunger Walk team ask yourselves? There’s no simple answer to these questions, but many other communities are doing wonderful things to engage the younger generation (and not just the Millenials, but even younger than that!). We invite you to join us in this webinar where we will discuss with other CROP Hunger Walk leaders as well as share our ideas on how you and your team can create a CROP Hunger Walk experience that’s truly “on fleek” (read: cool, awesome, tubular, groovy… whichever word your generation used)!”

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Navigating the New CROP Hunger Walk Online Walking Website

Webinar recorded March 3, 2016

Learn about navigating the new CROP Hunger Walk Online Website including:

  • a streamlined registration process;
  • creating and joining a team
  • searching for walk, teams and walkers
  • integration with social media for sharing with friends and family
  • updating your personal page with photos and your story

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Recruiting Churches & Groups Looking for ‘Proud’ Business Sponsors

Webinar recorded August 26, 2015

Looking for ‘Proud’ Business Sponsors
Have you ever experienced an ‘eek’ feeling in your stomach when you have to plan or talk to business sponsors? If you have that involuntary awkward sensation or you simply feel an uncomfortable reaction, we need to talk!

In this webinar, we will have an open conversation about the following topics:

  • How to attack and deal with the “Eeek factor” when approaching business partners
  • What are the benefits of having business partners walking with your teams
  • Prepare yourself for the – before, during and after- “Sponsorship season”!
  • How to expand the outreach efforts of your Walk with new business partners?
  • Get access to ‘ Downloadable tools to easily plan , track your follow up and determine your success metrics

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Making your walk day an experience

Webinar recorded August 20, 2015

Practical ways to breathe new life into our events.
Additional Resources

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