The Walk is virtual, but the need could not be more real!

CROP Hunger Walks are happening in a new way! To keep everyone safe and healthy, Walks are going virtual – either walking alone, with immediate family or in small groups walking a safe distance apart.

The work of CWS and our local hunger agencies continues – and with the possibility of a global famine on the horizon, raising money for vulnerable people is more needed than ever.

Join us – virtually - as we continue our shared commitment to stand up for the poor, the forgotten, those left behind. Our Spring CROP Hunger Walks were down nearly $1 million this year. It is urgent that this fall we continue to raise funds to provide permanent solutions to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster.

CWS strongly urges that ALL Fall CROP Hunger Walks be VIRTUAL.

  • Walk Planning: Modify all in-person planning team meetings and gather virtually.
  • Rallies and Packets: Arrange drop-in pick up of materials or encourage the download of materials from this site.
  • Register online: EVERYONE should set up a page and register online – it makes raising funds so much easier!

Here's how your Walk can go VIRTUAL

Your Walk can continue to make an impact locally and globally with the shift to virtual engagement. One of the best things you can do is to make use of your online connections - from social media to your CROP Hunger Walk website, to the resources available right on this page.

Perhaps you have teams that would like to gather and Walk safely in small groups? Or families and individuals who would like to stay connected even while doing something separate?

Here are specific steps to take:

Plan your 'Walk Day'

  • Choose a specific date and time to walk with your team in groups of 5 people or less.
  • Select where to gather and walk: a parking lot, city park or neighborhood block.
  • Contact your local city for permits and request CWS insurance if necessary.
  • Abide by local, state and CDC guidelines for health and safety.

Register your team online for your area Walk

  • Register on the CROP Hunger Walk site, create your team, and encourage your team members to join online as well.
  • We are able to capture email addresses so we can keep Walkers apprised of changes due to the pandemic or follow up if contact tracing is necessary.
  • Tell your story on your own personal fundraising page.
  • Record and post your own video, sharing why you are involved and challenging others to join you by donating and raising funds.
  • Share your video on social media, tag your friends and potential donors, and include a link to your personal page.

Make time for reflection, prayer and connection

  • Pray or meditate each day leading up to the Walk for those who we serve together.
  • On your Walk Day, open with a prayer for the vulnerable and set aside time for quiet reflection as a group.

Share photos and video from your Walk

  • As you Walk, safely enjoy fellowship with your group as you join in solidarity with others near and far.
  • Post pictures of you and your team on social media – and be sure to tag them with #VirtualCROPHungerWalk and #EndHungerNow.

Social Media Graphics

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