Raising Animals; Growing Communities

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Your CROP Hunger Walk saves families around the world from the heartbreak and pain that comes with hunger. It’s a big responsibility - and it can be hard to grasp what that means. That’s why we’re highlighting how your steps are making a difference in the Dominican Republic specifically. Through this year’s theme - “Raising Animals; Growing Communities” - you’ll learn how every step you take directly impacts the communities you support in the Dominican Republic. Check out the new resources below to learn more!

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Changing a community, one pig at a time

Ramona’s family didn’t always have enough. But when Ramona received a pig, everything changed for her...and her community.

Fishing for a better future

Fish can be very expensive in the Dominican Republic, which means that people can’t afford a source of daily protein. Here’s one story of how your CROP Hunger Walk helps.

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