Raising Animals; Growing Communities

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Your CROP Hunger Walk saves families around the world from the heartbreak and pain that comes with hunger. It’s a big responsibility - and it can be hard to grasp what that means. That’s why we’re highlighting how your steps are making a difference in the Dominican Republic specifically. Through this year’s theme - “Raising Animals; Growing Communities” - you’ll learn how every step you take directly impacts the communities you support in the Dominican Republic. Check out the new resources below to learn more!

Featured Stories

Fighting for forgotten communities

"Women must always find something to put on our children's plates," Francia shares. This year, your steps will help fill those plates with fresh food!

Working together to survive

Isolation is an underlying cause of hunger, whether it's a rural village or someone who just isn't connected to others when they need help. But when you Walk, this isolated community will know it's not alone.

Changing a community, one pig at a time

Ramona’s family didn’t always have enough. But when Ramona received a pig, everything changed for her...and her community.

Fishing for a better future

Fish can be very expensive in the Dominican Republic, which means that people can’t afford a source of daily protein. Here’s one story of how your CROP Hunger Walk helps.

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