As important as we know the CROP Hunger Walk family (and the people we serve) is to you, now is a time that we all must take care of our families in our homes. Our parents, our children, our sisters and brothers. As COVID-19 upends our day-to-day routines and literally separates us, may we be reminded that you and I can still lift each other up and comfort each other, whatever the distance. That’s what people like us do!

You can be assured that the work of the CWS and our local hunger agencies will go on. That’s because our community is made up of people like you. We know that you are committed to CWS's mission, no matter what. In good times and bad, we know you’re with us. That’s what makes you special.

We also know you continue in your commitment to stand up for the poor, the forgotten, those left behind. Our Spring CROP Hunger Walks raised $1.5million last year. Knowing this, many of you are trying to figure out ways your CROP Hunger Walk can continue to raise funds to provide permanent solutions to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster. Thank you.

It is urgent that we find new ways to engage Walk communities to continue giving to their CROP Hunger Walks this year. - BUT in ways that protect all of you. Therefore:

  • CWS strongly urges that ALL Spring CROP Hunger Walks MODIFY their events to be VIRTUAL.
  • Please modify all in-person planning team meetings and instead gather virtually to plan for the spring and fall walks.
  • Please transform all in-person Team Captain Rallies and Packet-pickups. It is smarter to arrange drop in pick-ups or encourage the download of materials from the website.


For all of the suggestions below, you should continue to raise funds as usual – online at or have checks mailed to the CROP home office at PO Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515 (write the name of the walk and walker on the memo line - Tips for collecting checks listed below)

If you have other ideas, please send them along and we will share!

Tips for how to collect checks & cash for a virtual walk:

  • Identify a site for dropping off cash & checks. If using a congregation, nonprofit, or other organization, post the days and hours available and give a deadline for donations to be received.  (The challenge: Many congregations may have suspended usual hours of operation or closed their offices completely.)
  • If no location drop-off is possible, walkers should give/mail their donations to their Team Captains who will contact the walk Treasurer to make arrangements for mailing in or dropping off the cash & checks.  Treasurer contact information should be sent to all Team Captains.  (Treasurer contact info could also be posted on the walk website for walkers not affiliated with a team.)
  • Cash should not be sent through the mail, so you may need to convert cash into a personal check or money order.  If cash is deposited in a personal account, you may want to use a debit card to donate the funds online to your team.
  • As a back-up, checks can also be sent directly to CWS (P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN  46515.), but make sure the walk event and team name is sent with the money so it can be credited properly. (CWS staff can also give you a pin # for your walk to ensure its credited properly

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