Walk Webpage Update Form

When does your Walk start?  Where should walkers gather?  Who should they contact with questions?  Do you have photos you would like on your CROP Hunger Walk webpage on crophungerwalk.org?

This form allows you to update your CROP Hunger Walk webpage with relevant Walk information. Please allow 3-5 business days for this information to be posted.

Let's start with the basics - your info and your Walk!

Walk Website Updates

Your Walk's Date

Your Walk date or date range will be included in the promotional image near the top of the page:
Walk promotional block including the date

Location / Venue Information

Your Walk's location will be included in 2 places on the website.

1. As part of the promotional image near the top of the page (city and state):
Walk promotional block including the location
2. In the location block further down the page.
Sample block with location details
At minimum, a city name, state and zip code are required.  These will also be used to populate the map at crophungerwalk.org.

Your Walk's Location

Public Contact Information

Details for a single contact can be included on the Walk page.
Sample contact details as displayed on a Walk page
If you have more than one contact, please include the details in the main information block on the page.

Your Walk's Public Contact

Event Description

Other Walk details can be included in the main information section on the Walk page.  This could include recruiter meeting details, information about local agencies that are supported, and other tips or notices for Walkers.

Please provide the information that you would like to have displayed in this section of your event page.

Upload a single photo (optional)

Image file only.

Upload a file to share (optional)

This could be a route map, a flyer, etc. PDF only.

Other Notes or Questions

If provided, this amount will be publicly displayed on your Walk's web page.

Please include the specific, final list of available sizes (e.g. S, M, L, XL, XXL). Also, include a description so that people know why you're asking, if they're being provided for free (or if payment is required), and if registrants are guaranteed a shirt.

Please note: we are NOT able to accept payment for shirts through the CROP Hunger Walk website.