For Walkers:

  • Encourage online donations; Walkers can easily track their progress and donors get an email receipt automatically.
  • Use donation envelopes only for donations. Please do NOT take pledges.
  • Walkers can complete a separate donor form and include it in each donation envelope to track donations. (This is similar to the yellow carbon copy sheets on the previous donation envelopes.)
  • Alternate agency designations may only be made online and only by the donor. This enables us to better track payments and provide accurate, timely records to the designated agencies, while also maintaining the integrity of the donor’s wishes.
  • Turn in ALL donation envelopes to your recruiter, even if you didn’t use it.
Print These InstructionsDownload the Donor Form

For Treasurers:

  • Choose a collection day and location for donations, preferably NOT Walk day. Expect all donations to be turned in by that day.
  • If Walkers are collecting money AFTER the Walk, give them another donation envelope or a #10 envelope (with a pre-printed label of when and where to turn it in).
  • Count cash/coins in the envelope. Tally check amounts. Write the total amount enclosed in the donation envelope – going by the ACTUAL amount included, not what was written on the envelope.
  • We recommend that you keep track of all checks. You can enter the information in this donation tracking sheet. (This sheet does not replace a Treasurer’s Report.)
  • Send a money order or cashier’s check made payable to CWS/CROP for all the cash received. (If you must use a personal check, please write “cash replacement: on the memo line.) DO NOT mail in cash.
  • Send all checks and donation envelopes with the treasurer’s report to:
    PO Box 968
    Elkhart, IN 46515
  • Collect any unused envelopes from recruiters to use for the following year.
Print These InstructionsDownload Donation Tracking Sheet