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Social Media Graphic – Food Insecure Households
Healthy Fresh Food Background
Fawn French Bulldog Ready For A Walk
Social Media Graphic – 2.75 Million
Social Media Graphic – 14%
I’m Fighting Hunger – Join Me
Hunger Kills
I am a hunger fighter
I helped raise more than 11 Million
I’m fighting hunger
Fighting poverty. Ending hunger
Every generation can make an impact
CROP Hunger Walk infographic
Thank you Sponsor
Balloon Logo Meme
Bad Weather Won’t Stop Me
Want to go far? Go together
116,000 Walkers – One Vision
2016. Let’s do this
We make a life by what we give
I am somebody
To change the world
Create many ripples
None of us can truly rest
None of us can truly rest 2
A Hungry Stomach
Poverty should be in museums
Poverty should be in museums 2
KMQ Primary School
I am somebody 2
In your hands
They are facets of us
To cultivate peace, cultivate justice
Our best investment is in women
Be the Good
Once you learn to read
We make a life by what we give 2
Why Crop Hunger Walk?
What are you doing for others?
We are ending hunger
For all
Water bottle full of dimes
CWS is the toolbox
Same access
Power of love
Escape from poverty
Potential for greatness
Hunger and malnutrition
Pope Francis quote
Pope Francis quote 2
Plant a tree
Food is a moral right
Audacity – MLK quote
For All – Nelson Mandela
Education is the most powerful weapon
Hunger for Justice
Reason to Dance
Things are made to happen
An issue of justice
As long as poverty persists
Impossible until it’s done
I am ending hunger
1 in 4 – Hunger Statistic
Change the World
980 million
End hunger with your friends
Education is the only solution
Duty to do good
Overwhelm the world
Margaret Mead Quote
Our own souls
Ending hunger 2
116,000 participants. 1 goal
1 in 9
116,000 Walkers. 1,300 Walks. 1 goal
Food is a moral right 2
66 million
Hunger for justice 2
Preach Peace
Peace begins with a smile
Create many ripples 2
CROP Hunger Walks support more than 2200 hunger fighting groups
The best way to find yourself
Freedom for their spirits
Hunger is an issue of Justice
Pay Attention
CROP Route Marker
Eliminate Hunger
Nelson Mandela For All
CROP Hunger Walk logo
CHW Social Media Guidelines

Guidelines for Social Media posts and memes.

Service is rent
Work, bread, water, salt for all
Change the World – Margaret Mead quote
CROP Hunger Walk URL
Everyone has to be involved
Get the Leaders Involved
Make an Announcement
Catch their Eye
Competition, anyone?
Bake Sale Giving